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“Goaltending is a tough sport. Yes, I said sport because it truly is its own sport inside the team game of hockey. Its a sport that requires many physical attributes such as: quick reflexes, leg strength and full body power, hand eye coordination and a solid core just to name a few. Natural talent and skill will only take you so far. The ones who excel and move on in this sport are the ones who've mastered their inner game. I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to train with Cassidy Preston for the past 3 seasons. Cassidy has helped bring my game and my outlook to the game to new levels. Cassidys teachings have helped calm my game and give me confidence through strategic goal setting and positive affirmations. His approach to "process over results" has drastically brought down my stress levels and has allowed me to direct my focus and energy on what really matters; playing in the moment. I strongly recommend Cassidy Preston to anyone looking to improve their athletic or personal careers.

                                    ​- Dan Spence, (career stats)

“Cassidy is very knowledgeable in the area of sport psychology. He is very passionate about what he does. I have recommended him to several elite athletes in the past and continue to recommend his services to any athlete looking to improve their game.”

- Dr. Paul Dennis

The Sport Psychology Consultant for the Toronto Maple Leafs for 20 years

“Before taking Cassidy's program I did very little to prepare myself before games, but after learning some techniques on preparation and refocusing myself I found myself much more consistent on the ice. As Cassidy has played hockey at a very competitive level he understood some of the things I had problems with and how to help me fix them.”

- Cole Filiatrault, North Bay Jr. A Trapper

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