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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any spots still available?


Spots are still available unless the group has been indicated as SOLD OUT within the appropriate programs page.

2. Can I save a spot for my son or daughter?


Once registration is complete a confirmation from CHT will be sent, once CHT has received an e-transfer the roster spot is confirmed.

3. What is the coach to player ratio?

CHT skills hockey school provides a great opportunity for effective development with a 1:4 coach to player ratio.

4. Is my son or daughter good enough to participate in the CHT Skills Hockey School?

The CHT Elite Skills Hockey School is designed for motivated players. Your child DOES NOT have to play AAA in order to participate. However, your child should have a strong passion for hockey and his or her own development. It is required that players already have a reasonable level of fundamental skills. This is not a learn to skate camp. 

5. Will my son or daughter learn about proper and safe body checking?


Yes, proper and safe body checking and receiving is taught and practiced for Peewee players and up.

6. Is there a large discrepancy in skill level between players at each school?


Each group is always divided up by skill level so that similar level players stay together during the small group skill development stations and games.  We avoid the too high or too low levels of challenge for the players.

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