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CHT Elite Skills Hockey School


The CHT Elite Skills Hockey School is focused on effective skill development for motivated hockey players. With a coach to player ratio of 1:4 this hockey school maximizes player development through progressive challenges with lots of repetition and specific feedback. The coaches further maximize development by creating a challenging and fun environment. The camp is ideal for motivated hockey players that already have a grasp of fundamental skills .


Typical Session

The basic skills of skating, passing, stickhandling, and shooting are effectively developed by engaging the players in both technique focused challenges and games that force repetition and maintain attention. We set realistic expectations for each player to achieve as they progress in each skill. We also introduce game specific situations/small area games where players become more prepared and feel confident to transfer their skills from practice to games. Lastly, we put a lot of importance on creating an environment with high energy levels, effort, respect, and enjoyment.

Fwd and D Specific


Forwards will learn about and practice the skills for play making off the rush, puck protection, playing down low, creating turnovers, driving the net, playing in front of the net, and much more.
Defencemen will learn about and practice the skills for gap control, staying square, proper angling, facing up ice, forcing to the outside, playing physical, stick position and much more.

Body Contact

All players will learn proper checking habits. Group A will include a component focusing on the development of necessary skills to take and receive hits. Specifically, for all players that are entering their first year of full body contact. 




"Thank you for offering a great hockey school program. Daniel enjoyed it very much. We especially appreciated the fact that you and your staff took time to teach Daniel specific details that he may have missed on the first try. We also liked your approach to teaching a lesson in a completely positive manner when Daniel decided to goof around. The ratio of instructors to students was also at a level that added to the program giving everyone a hands-on approach. Your attention to detail was great and we can see that Daniel learned new techniques and sharpened his skills further in the CHT Elite Skills Hockey School."

 - Lori and Dan Bardell

"My son came off the ice and said that the time he spent working on defence skills with Ken was the best hour of instruction he's ever had. That's pretty humbling considering I was his defence coach for years. After I swallowed my pride I signed Adam up for next summer. He likes the balance between high energy drills that push you to the limit and slower more technical instruction times. I feel he's getting a workout and learning new stuff everytime he gets on the ice."

- David Grannary

​"My son Chris really enjoyed the fast pace action of the camp. He liked the training for a specific position rather than overall. I never expected to see such a difference, it's amazing and the best part was he had a lot of fun."

- Diane Fink

"Both of my boys (ages 9 and 12) participated in the on ice CHT program last summer. They really enjoyed the fast paced, high intensity sessions. The skaters were very skilled and this helped to push my boys and as a result the improvements were evident. The instruction was positive and motivating, the sessions were well organized.
I highly recommend CHT.”

- Jim Shaw

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